Residence Accommodation





Offered services

1-3 bedrooms 2-8 guest Equipped kitchen
Private bathroom Outdoor patio TV LED
Linen on request Free Internet in Wi-Fi zone Breakfast on request


Is the option of renting an apartment with access to the following facilities: Kitchenette, en suite bathroom and single and double bedrooms. Renting apartments at "Holiday apartments" make you able to manage your holidays without time restrictions. The "Holiday apartments" are the most researched structures in the area and are an important part of local tourism. Villa Garden offers different deals with the options of spending holidays in varying apartment sizes ranging from small to large townhouses with 2-4 or even 6-8 beds completely furnished.

In a package Holiday apartments includes gas, water and electric, final cleanings, a TV, a kitchen with pots and plates, a washing machine and parking.
Guests may also request breakfast and linen.