TROPEA is one of the most famous seaside resorts on the Calabrian Tyrrhenian Coast. Situated on a small stronghold cliff above the sea (70mt on a sea level), Tropea offers a wonderful view above a tourist site of Capo Vaticano, Briatico, PizzoCalabro and Eolie Islands. Every year Tropea is a tourist destination for Italian and foreign visitors, with summer playing host to many visitors in comfortable and elegant hotels.


Places of interest

Sanctuary of "Santa Maria dell'Isola" Cathedral Diocesano Museum
Chapel of the Cappuccini Church of San Michele Arcangelo Church of Gesu
Church of Annunziata Church of Michelizia Look at the sea "Raf Vallone"

Port of Tropea and excursions to the Isole Eolie

ITropea Harbour is located at the beginning of the Tropea promenade. Its position is not far from the famous beaches of Tropea and Capo Vaticano, specifically 6 miles from Capo Vaticano and 30 miles from Aeolian Islands. Inside You can find a parking area for boats and cars, a theater that contains 600 seats and where different spectacles take place, an area related to the daily minicruises to the Aeolian Islands. Basically, every day there are departures in order to reach the three islands, Vulcano, Lipari and Stromboli. Travel agencies organize daily trip to the Aeolian Islands following this program: Departure from Tropea Harbour at 7.00 am, arrival in Vulcano island at 10.15 am, here You can do a swim in the sea or in the sulphur mud. Departure from Vulcano island at 11.45 am; arrival in Lipari at 12 am. Break for a visit to the Museum of the Aeolian Islands. Departure from Lipari at 2.30 pm; arrival in Stromboli at 4 pm where You can see the beautiful “Sciara di Fuoco”. Break on the island in order to do a swim and to visit the village. After that, departure from Lipari at 5.30 pm and arrival in Tropea Harbour at 7pm circa. In addition, there are also minicruises by night in order to visit Stromboli island and the departure is 2 pm and the arrival in Tropea Harbour is at 11pm.


Tropea city is divided into two levels: the upper part of the city is where people live and is a place of mostly cultural and artistic interest, where there are also regular night events. Downtown is located below the stronghold close to the blue sea. At the south of the city, La Marina is located. This is the tourist port, from it departs day and night excursions to IsoleEolie (Lipari, Stromboli and Vulcano), to visit the wonderful creeks of Briatico’s coast (scogliodellagalea) and Capo Vaticano. Small territorial extensions and difficulty of access for drivers to find a free parking makes tourists often choose their stay a bit out from Tropea, looking for hotels and resorts in a closer town for example Santa Domenica, Capo vaticano, Parghelia, Gasponi di Drapia and Zambrone.

One of the most renowned in Calabria, the beaches of Tropea are by no means unique! The first visit to the city of Tropea is enchanted by the beauty of the coastline, with miles of golden sand, alternating with crisp stretches of clear, clear seabed.

By Car: Driving the Salerno\Reggio Calabria freeway from the north side, you can take the Pizzo Calabro exit, from south side Rosarno is the advised exit.
By Train: The closest railway stations are Tropea and Vibo Valentia Pizzo (35 km from tropea).
By Air Plane: The main airport is Lamezia Terme (45 km from tropea). From there it is possible rent a car or go to the railway station and take the train to Tropea.